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Introduction to Childhood Illnesses

Online Catalogue | eLearning Courses |  Introduction to Childhood Illnesses

Introduction to Childhood Illnesses

Introduction to Childhood Illnesses

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When a child becomes ill, it can be a very stressful time for parents. Often, this stress is made worse if they don't fully understand their child’s condition.

Introduction to Childhood Illnesses is an interactive eLearning course designed to help childcare professionals understand the most common childhood illnesses. As well as making it easier to be supportive and compassionate towards parents, this basic knowledge will help them to protect the child’s health. In an emergency situation, a general understanding of these common conditions could prove extremely valuable.

This eLearning covers:

25 Common Conditions, including:

Whooping Cough

Each chapter covers five illnesses, with information on:


Contagious illnesses are explained in order to help the learner prevent other children – and adults – from contracting them.

The course also includes access to online areas, including the Childcare Professional’s Forum, Encyclopaedia and Diagnosis (available February 2010)

Assessment - With a printable certificate upon completion (90% pass rate).

This course is available via a download link. It will take approx. 45 minutes to complete

FREE RESOURCE - Understanding MeningitisFREE RESOURCE - Understanding Meningitis Ref: men-gd

Understanding Meningitis - An Early Practitioners Guide from The Meningitis Trust


Introduction to Childhood Illnesses -
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Online Catalogue | eLearning Courses |  Introduction to Childhood Illnesses

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