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What every Parent should know about the Free Funding for 3 & 4 year olds

What every Parent should know about the Free Funding for 3 & 4 year olds

Ref: BK1

Price:  4.50


ISBN 9781907997020
Published September 2012
80 pages
210mm x 148mm

RRP: £8.99
Your Special Price: £4.50
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Full Information with Sections On :-

• How to choose a nursery
• What to ask when visiting a nursery
• How to settle your child in
• If funding for 2 year olds is available in your area
• What funding you are entitled to
If your nursery is overcharging you
• Family Information Services directory
• Essential information for All New Parent

Make no mistake - reading this book could save you hundreds of £££ on nursery fees that you don't have to pay for but could possibly be charged.

Your nursery provider may be charging you top up fees on your childs nursery education funding. They are not allowed to do that but many still do. Find out the exact rules, how it works and what your entitlement is.

It is a "Must Have" book if your child is nearing three years old or just about to start at nursery.

This is The Definitive Parents Guide to the free government early years education grant funding for 3 and 4 year olds. It goes in depth about exactly what the rules are, how they apply and what you are entitled to.

Most days we are inundated with emails and phone calls from Parents asking questions about the funding, we have found there to be very little information out there for you about the funding and exactly how it works so we decided to write this book to answer all those questions. The information in the book is taken from the Code of Practice which Local Authorities have to abide by and rewritten in easy to understand language explaining exactly what you are entitled to, what your entitlement is, what the rules are which your childcare provider may not tell you and how to claim.

The book is split into three parts:-

Part One - How to choose the right nursery for your child and helping them settle in

This section sets out a plan of how to go about choosing the right nursery for your child and gives you many ideas and examples of things to think about and question to ask yourself and the childcare provider when choosing and visiting a nursery for the first time. There is also a chapter about helping your child settle easily, introducing them gradually into nursery life and the gradual withdrawal of your presence with hints and tips on saving both of you much separation anxiety and emotional strain.

Part Two - What every parent should know about the free funding for three and four year olds

A complete guide to the early years funding explaining what your entitlement is, how the nursery education grant works, the exact rules, the choices you have, how flexible it is and how to get nursery education funding.

Part Three - Families information service directory

A full UK directory of all the Familiies Information Services and the services they provide with their contact numbers. Also a glossary of terms used in the book and in the childcare industry in general that you may not know the meaning of.

For Bulk Ordering please contact us directly on 01379 898 535 for your bulk order discount or sell as a fundraiser to your audience.


Amazon Review 5 Stars
An excellent book which brings together all the information needed, and a lot that you hadn't realised about the system, when considering childcare and nurseries. This information is available from a variety of sources, but this takes a lot of research. The author has achieved all you need to know in this book. I could not compare this book to a similar product as this was the only one I could find. I bought two books, one to send to a relative. Essential reading.


Hi Liz,
Thank you very much. The book was very helpful and easy to understand. Today I had great news, my daughter will start at Nursery from this Monday coming all because I found all the information in the book.


This is excellent Liz- thanks so much for the info and the book looks like it will be a very useful read.
Many thanks

Click here to see the Table of Contents in the book and Read our Book Reviews from Bizzie Baby Parents

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